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I loved loved loved my batch of Nani Khatai's! It was better than the most famous naan khatais from khalifa bakery lahore!!

Ambreen J.

Brought back memories of home. Super delicious! We are going to give these as favors for our baby shower. Thank you Nani! :)

Avani R.

Simply scrumptious. Spent a lot of time in Lahore, these take me back home. Just like I remember Khalifa's Khatai.

Farrukh N.

They were exactly what I had been craving for so many years of being away from home.

Mehreen H.

Omg - for any of you who grew up enjoying nan khatais with chai, this will take you down that lovely nostalgic memory lane.

Deepa M.

Made with love, by Nani

Small batch, home made Naan Khatais.

A melt-in-mouth shortbread, made from premium organic ingredients including crunchy roasted almonds and freshly ground cardamom.

Try these delicious Naan Khatais that will take you to experience the warmth and hospitality of the subcontinent.

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Get khatais for birthday parties, Valentine's, Eid, Diwali, work events, and other special occasions.

We are happy to work with custom orders including custom labels and boxes.

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The Nan Khatais were delicious and authentic. Growing up I used to eat nan khatai from inner city Lahore. One bite of this brought back those wonderful childhood memories


I ate one Nani Khatai and I swear it brought all of Pakistan back to me. Like seriously in each bite, all the memories of my family there and of my dad and his fav sweet treats

Roxanne A